1. Edgelite & Recessed Edglite - Pictograms and Exit-signs (Internship)

  • USA Brands (Emergilite, Lightarm) and Canadian Brands (Emergilite, Lumacell, Ready-lite).

  • AC, AC-DC, Nexus, Nexus Pro, Self-Diagnostic. 

  • Using catalogue sheets, examine each configuration (more than 1000)

  • Synthesise data, and establish the MAIN design assembly structure of the product family.

  • Use KBM and GPLM to compare the BOMs of various configurations in order to spot any variations and discover any shared components.

  • For the purpose of validating the 3D assemblies, all critical assemblies were physically assembled and tested in a pilot run.

  • Constructed 30- 3D assembled models using the CREO 4.0 software, combining different configurations, and releasing them to the GPLM.

2. 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Experties (FDM)

  • Experienced in 3D printing (FDM) with a focus on optimizing designs, minimizing duration, and possessing expertise in equipment setup, material preparation, file preparation and slicing, printing execution, post-processing, quality control, workflow management, and safety and maintenance protocols.

3. 21012 Tandem Pictogram Unit for Chicago Metro Station

  • Performing the #F24 inspection requested for the 28 parts related to the 21012 Tandem Pictogram unit.

  • Inspecting the samples received for each #F24 and creating an inspection report.

  • Revising the drawings as necessary and releasing them to GPLM.

  • Updating 3D assembly Model (Creo) of all Tandem mounting units in to GPLM.

  • Conducting installation tests to confirm the instructions mentioned in Instruction sheet.

  • Conducting stress analysis in accordance with the CSA mentioned regulations.

  • Conducting wet location tests to assess the unit's gasket, fitting, and drain.

End Mounting
Pendent Mounting
Ceiling Mounting
Wall Mounting

4. Cost reduction for Inverter (Battery) Cabinet- CSA Standards

  • Minimum allowable thickness-  As per the CSA standards, the minimum allowable thickness is 0.040 inch (19 MSG) and current cabinet A has already 0.040 inch of thickness. Hence, no change suggested.

  • For the Ventilation louvers- Considering available dies for Louvers in GFI list, 12 Louvres of #15750 (0.188 inch X 0.700 inch) can be replaced by 5 Louvres of #15820 (0.188 inch X 1.600 inch). Consult with GFI for the newly available dies for the Louvers.

  • Design change suggestion- 2 holes one on each side of Cabinet A and Cover A can be replaced by the single hole at the top as mentioned in the Report.

5. 22009 DFA Inverter Cabinet for 400-600-720W

  • Problem Statement- The 400W and 600W inverters were formerly housed in a smaller cabinet, however during testing, the device began to overheat. This was resolved by adapting a larger 720W cabinet for a 400–600W inverter unit.

6. Hazlux Explosion-Proof Unit- (CASTING)

  • Problem Statement- Porosity in casting components

  • Solutions- Redefined tolerances and making it more flexible

  • Complicated

7. Special Wording Panel-

Client Input- Creating 3D & 2D Panel- Verification- Release
  • Creating special wording Exit/Picto signs (3D & 2D) based on client input and releasing them for production (DFM)