Space Concordia Robotics Division

Space Concordia Robotics DivisionSpace Concordia Robotics Division

Mechanical Team Member

March 2021- current

  • Creation of Mars rover for University rover competition, particularly responsible for the design and development of wheel assembly, used DMAIC lean improvement method

  • Compared to the previous assembly, the new one is 20% more compact, lightweight, and convenient to assemble.

  • The use of SolidWorks for modeling and Ansys WB for stress, impact, and thermal analysis of wheel assembly

Problem Statement

  • The wheel assembly shall securely mount the tire and the motor to the rest of the rover.

  • The motor shall be fully covered and protected from environmental hazards such as rocks.

  • The wheel assembly shall have no noticeable increase to backlash between the tire and the motor.

  • The wheel assembly shall have no noticeable camber effect between the tire and the u-bracket.

  • Slip between the tire and wheel assembly shall be kept to a minimum.

  • The motor will be disassembled without disassembling the whole assembly (from the outwards direction of the rover).

  • Instances of double shear will be used in place on single shear wherever possible.