“Theoretical Cooling Load Calculation of 5th floor of Webster Library at Concordia University (LB-5)"

MECH 6181- Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning

Concordia University- July 2022- August 2022

Calculating the cooling load is one of the most challenging and intricate operations in the HVAC industry. Many HVAC companies are employing software like HeatCAD and Manual J to calculate cooling loads. Despite producing results that are more precise, software technologies frequently require important inputs that the majority of engineers don't have or can't access.

Engineers that have the ability to manually calculate cooling loads are rare. Manual cooling load computation is considered the foundation of HVAC. Therefore, in order to gain some understanding of the fundamentals of HVAC, I decided to calculate the potential cooling load on the fifth floor of Concordia University's Webster Library as part of my HVAC course project. 

All images and maps were taken from the Webster Library at Concordia University.